How To Have The Best Time Ever In St. Petersburg Florida

If you have seen St. Petersburg on a map, but you have never been there, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It is a place where you can take boat rides, see alligators, and also do a little bit of snorkeling. It’s also a place where there is a lot of culture that can be found in art displays and museums that are throughout the city. You can take tours on Segways and bikes, plus you can have access to some of the best food on the West Coast of Florida. Let’s look at some of the top attractions that you really can’t pass up once you do decide to take a vacation in this city.

Boyd Hill Natural Preserve

This location is unique for a couple different reasons. There are many waterfowl, alligators, and beautiful regions that extend for many miles. If you have been to the Everglades before, it will definitely remind you of this much larger South Florida destination. The reason that people go there almost every time is because is located right in the heart of St. Petersburg. If you have been to cities with the park, this is really no different, with the exception that you are going to see some unique animals and flowers that you have probably never seen before.

Freefall Theatre

After you have done if you boat rides, and also have taken a tour of St. Petersburg, you might want to relax at a show. You will get to see some fantastic entertainment, and you will be motivated to come back and see more. It is based upon small theater productions that locals put on, and you will not be disappointed at all. They know that people from all over the world are coming to St. Petersburg for a vacation, and they want to put on the best possible show.

If you are into art, plays, water sports, or if you simply want to see an alligator for your first time, definitely go to St. Petersburg this year. If you haven’t had a vacation in a while, and you have a couple of weeks built up, you should spend there. You can get good deals on hotels and car rentals if you know where to look, and if you are flying in, you can save money there as well. This is a place that many people enjoy, and you can conclude your vacation with a nice sunset cruise on the Gulf of Mexico.